Pole Creek Overview

Pole Creek is located Ventura County and is a northern tributary to the Santa Clara River. Pole Creek drains a watershed of approximately 8.6 square miles. Elevations range from about 440 at its confluence with the Santa Clara River near the town of Fillmore to 4050 feet in the headwater areas (average elevation of headwaters, not highest point). Pole Creek is a second order stream and has approximately 5.8 miles of intermittent blue line stream according to the USGS Fillmore 7.5 minute quadrangle. The lower watershed is primarily privately owned and is managed for rangeland, while chaparral/oak woodland composes much of the middle to upper watershed area. The headwaters are within the Hopper Mountain Wildlife Refuge.

Although there is very limited historical information on the presence of steelhead or rainbow trout in Pole Creek, it seems likely that steelhead historically used Pole Creek as a spawning and rearing stream. An article in the Santa Paula Chronicle, dated May 17, 1906, described, in general, people fishing in Pole Creek: “Fishing is fine up Poll (Pole) creek, they say. Several of the young people went up the creek to fish,…”. Considering steelhead trout were one of only three native fish [Pacific lamprey and partially armored threespine stickleback being the others (Swift 2003)] from the area and the only sport fish, it is probable that these fish were trout.

Pole Creek 2008 Stream Inventory Report (1.0 MB pdf)

Pole Creek, upstream of North Fork Pole Creek