Hopper Creek Overview

Hopper Creek is located Ventura County and is a northern tributary to the Santa Clara River. Hopper Creek drains a watershed of approximately 26.33 square miles with elevations ranging from approximately 535 feet at its confluence with the Santa Clara River, east of the town of Fillmore to 4,790 feet in the headwater areas of the Sespe Condor Sanctuary of Los Padres National Forest. The lower 2.5 miles of the creek flows through citrus orchards and ornamental tree farms. Typically, flows cease in this section during the late spring or early summer and may not return until the occurrence of precipitation in the late fall or early winter. The remaining portions of the creek maintain perennial flows during most water years.

In Hopper Creek, resident O. mykiss populations have been observed by locals as well as CDFG field staff, with records of O. mykiss presence dating back to 1946. The last observation of O. mykiss was in 2001, when multiple year classes were identified including some O. mykiss that measured between 12-16 inches in length. Although steelhead have not been discovered in the Hopper Creek watershed since 2001, few focused surveys have been performed over this time period. Based on anecdotal and prior documentation, it is likely that Hopper Creek contained a historic run of steelhead.

Hopper Creek 2008 Stream Inventory Report (5.6 MB pdf)

Upper Hopper Creek