Maria Ygnacio Creek Overview

Maria Ygnacio Creek is located in Santa Barbara County and is a tributary to Atascadero Creek, which is a tributary to San Pedro Creek, which empties into the Pacific Ocean. The Maria Ygnacio watershed drains an area of approximately 12.04 square miles with elevations that range from 22 feet at the confluence with Atascadero to 3,734 feet in the headwaters of San Antonio Creek, a tributary of Maria Ygnacio Creek. According to the USGS Santa Ynez 7.5 minute quadrangle, Maria Ygnacio Creek is a second order stream with approximately 34.88 miles of perennial and intermittent stream. At the time of the survey, only 0.92 miles of the stream appeared to be perennial. The lower 3 miles of the Maria Ygnacio watershed is dominated by the urban and residential areas of Goleta. As it continues upstream, the watershed progresses through agricultural and ranch lands before entering park lands as well as the Los Padres National Forest and is dominated by native vegetation.

In the Maria Ygnacio watershed, resident Oncorhynchus mykiss populations were observed by PSMFC staff in the upper reach of the survey. The observations occurred near the end of anadromy, just downstream of a 35-foot waterfall at river mile 4.72. In addition, live and dead specimens of O. mykiss were observed in this upper reach area during mid-May 2009 surveys to examine the effects of the Jesusita Fire and the associated release of flame retardants to control/extinguish the fire. The last adult steelhead was observed on June 16, 2000 in the pool beneath the Highway 101 and railroad channelization structure. The Maria Ygnacio watershed should be managed as a southern California steelhead stream.

Part I: Maria Ygnacio - 2011 Stream Report (includes Appendix I and II) (8.3 MB pdf)

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Part III: Maria Ygnacio Creek Photographs (6.0 MB pdf)

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