Yager Subbasin Overview

The Yager Creek Subbasin drains approximately 140 square miles of the northwestern portion of the Van Duzen Basin. Yager Creek enters the Van Duzen River just southwest of the town of Carlotta. Vegetation in the subbasin is mostly composed of coniferous forests (78%) and grasslands (11%). Carlotta is the only town in the subbasin as 98% of land is in private ownership with timber harvesting being the dominant land use. Cattle ranching occur on prairie grasslands. With approximately 53 anadromous stream miles, Yager Creek and its tributaries are among the most important coho and Chinook salmon streams in the Van Duzen River Basin. The subbasin also supports runs of winter run steelhead and perhaps some remnant runs of summer steelhead and coastal cutthroat trout.

The subbasin streams have received a substantial amount of instream improvement projects over the last twenty years to lessen adverse impacts from past floods and land use issues. A substantial amount of road improvement projects in the subbasin has also reduced erosion from roads and thus decreased sediment delivery to the streams. Watershed projects and protective measures that improve stream habitat conditions to benefit salmonids in the Yager Creek Subbasin should be considered high priority management objectives.

  • Lawerence Creek, tributary to Yager Creek.
  • Lower Yager Creek
  • 1997 aerial view of the lower Van Duzen River with Yager Creek
    flowing into the Van Duzen River (photo courtesy of KRIS coho).
  • Creek channel choked full of sediment. Excessive erosion in the
    watershed has filled Fish Creek with sediments.