Watershed Overview

Redwood Creek flows into the Pacific Ocean near the town of Orick, approximately 35 miles north of Eureka, in northern Humboldt County, California. The basin contains approximately 285 square miles (about 180,000 acres) of mostly forested and mountainous terrain. The basin’s elongate shape is controlled by the Grogan Fault which extends in a NW/SE direction for approximately 65 miles. The basin averages only about 6 miles wide. Elevation ranges from sea level near the town of Orick up to 5,200 feet at headwaters near Board Camp Mountain, located at the south-east end of the basin. With the exception of Prairie Creek, most tributary streams are relatively short and steep, while the mainstem Redwood Creek is low gradient until rising to the headwaters. The basin provides approximately 125 miles of anadromous salmonid habitat.


Redwood Creek Subbasins