Issues that likely affect or potentially affect coho population and status:

Middle Subbasin:

Includes area above confluence with Long Valley Creek to Little Lake. Reeves Canyon and Ryan creeks have or have had a coho presence. Bull Creek appears to be suitable for coho spawning, but is unsurveyed.

Low summer and fall flows are exacerbated by dams in the Southern Subbasin and water extraction and diversions in both the Middle and Southern Subbasin;

Summer and fall temperatures appear to be suitable for salmonids in the upper reach of Outlet Creek;

The low gradient of the upper reach of Outlet Creek provides continuous runs and/or pools with suitable water temperature and canopy. This may provide summer rearing refugia;

During low flow periods, the upper reach of Outlet Creek may be impacted by nutrients and bacteria from livestock and sewage and other inorganic pollutants from upstream reaches;

Bull, Ryan and Reeves Canyon creeks may provide spawning refugia for Chinook, coho and steelhead;

Sediment from poorly maintained roads and culverts throughout Outlet Creek are thought to be affecting instream habitat;

Natural and man-made barriers decrease available spawning habitat in the tributaries;

Fine sediment is still being transported downstream from the 1955 and 1964 floods and impacts the lower reach of Outlet Creek, which can be observed by widened floodplains, absent riparian and elongated sediment bars.


What watershed and habitat improvement activities would most likely lead toward more desirable conditions in a timely, cost effective manner?

Recommendations  Activities Outlet  Reeves Canyon  Ryan  Bull
Flow and Water Quality Identify and control unregulated water diversions and pumping.  X  X  X  
  Conserve water during the summer and fall months.  X  X  X  
  Reduce summer and fall water temperatures.  X      
  Reduce identified organic and inorganic pollutants to streams  X      
Erosion and Fine Sediment Reduce bank erosion.  X  X  X  
  Reduce fine sediment input from roads, culverts, and other land use activities.  X  X  X  
  Reduce sediment input from debris slides where possible.    X  X  
Riparian and Instream Habitat
Re-vegetate stream banks to develop and expand canopy.
  Add large woody debris and other structure to increase cover and pool depth and frequency.  X  X  X  
  Remove barriers to fish passage.      X  
Education, Research, and Monitoring Identify and map sediment sources.  X  X  X  X
  Continue and expand water quality (temperature, dissolved oxygen, and fine sediment) monitoring.  X  X  X  
  Develop and support water quality monitoring.  X  X  X  
  Continue efforts to develop watershed, landowner, and road association groups.  X  X  X  X